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The Principles of Arboriculture

and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Principles of Arboriculture and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

With the advent of the greening of urban spaces “urban forestry” was borne and the importance of caring and maintaining tree cover has come to the fore. This is why the transition from ‘silviculture’ to ‘arboriculture’ has been (in scientific terms) a smooth process because the time horizons in nurturing trees singly or en masse are broadly the same. Long term planning coupled with the need for immediate action is paramount. We have established a strong correlation between overhead tree canopy in towns and cities with a ‘feel good factor’ in people’s wellbeing.

Our commitment within Jesmond Tree Surgeons is to give the very best service in this respect and this remains at the core of our business. We approach ‘single tree’ care (arboriculture) with the same principles as ‘plantation’ care (silviculture) and having due regard for amenity, wildlife and environmental factors. The Company’s recent attendance at Birmingham’s conference “Trees, People and the Built Environment” illustrates its understanding of managing trees in the urban context. We continue to advance our knowledge by keeping up to date with current trends through workshop attendance at institute level and in the wider field of training.